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Services of Nucart

Nucart provides a 100% legal and safe, low cost, low-risk opportunity for anyone who wants to start their own digital distribution business network which can lead to a profit in a much shorter amount of time.

We want to help people to enjoy a real-world business and have a holistic life through life supporting nature inspired products. Nucart business will help you discover extra income and fulfil your dreams.

Nucart has adopted latest advances and trends in the field of information technology for an effective and hassle free functioning of our loyalty reward and support system. We have a viral loyalty reward system where the more customers are talking about our site, the more they earn in return! No multiplication of coupons, no more multiple interfaces, now everything is centralized in a single account, the "Rewards Account", AND the member customer can check its balance at any time.

Nucart has a well-intended track record of successful IT services engagements across the nation’sonline marketing spectrum. We have to our credit, an array of impressive projects in e-commerce, application development and re-engineering, testing & maintenance, managing & migrating from legacy systems. Our IT services division offers a whole range of services and flexible business models to meet the needs of our customers. Our flexible business model varies from fixed price projects to managing dedicated IT development centres for strategic partners.

Our software and network oriented digital products are a result of our commitment to research and innovation. With reckoned experience in working with software vendors in the India online market, especially digital e-com and Supply chain Management software providers, we were able to understand the real world challenges the Software industry faces in its journey towards due digitization.

If you want to work in a collaborative environment where opportunities are offered, skills arevalued and made advantageous, and excellence is rewarded, nucart is the choice exactly you might be looking for.

“The direct selling industry in India is projected to achieve a growth of Rs 645 billion by 2025. Combined with entrepreneurial growth in India, will certainly enable the direct selling industry to reach its peak and pave the way for India to become the new global leader of the marketing space”
– From The FICCI report titled "Direct 2015: Direct Selling - Mapping the industry across Indian states"